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Heavensgate: HOPE



At Heavensgate: the line between the living and the dead is erased.


In the Tower: the Forbidden Book waits for Jacob Andersen, a man with no memory.


In his psyche: lives Jake, his psychotic, sex-crazed alter-ego.


Every day: Jacob fights for his sanity as the body count rises and the cops move in.


When a mysterious, seductive presence arrives to comfort him, Jacob discovers that even the spirit of Hope has a dark side.


She has his heart; will she steal his soul or will Jacob read the Book and remember ?


Heavensgate: JOY


Death is obsessed with her.

Angels adore her.

Evil desires her.

Joy, the unloved child of the local virgin miraculously resurrects years after drowning.

Stalked by Death , she flees to Heavensgate and falls victim to demonic Jake.

He wants to defile and destroy her.

So why would she sacrifice her immortal soul for his love?


The wait is over! Heavensgate is here and sexy psycho, Jake,  is causing havoc! Thrilling and entertaining, like a ride on a crazy roller coaster.



Gripping  in the extreme, Heavensgate HOPE  is a definite page-turner, and book 2, Heavensgate JOY  is even better, well done Leo Kane!


OMG! I couldn't sleep, I had to keep reading!



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